After a 3:30 am start and no sleep due to the noise at our hostel  we arrived at Larq’a Park, a gorgeous B&B bang in the middle of Miraflores.  Both feeling a little jaded we went for a walk to the popular beach front!! First impressions NOT GOOD! Very touristy, full of the normal crap fast food restaurants that we are never interested at home let alone in S. America!! Feeling tired and hungry, we turned away in disgust and headed back into town!!

We stopped at a tourist booth and spoke to a local boy asking where to find something to eat where locals go!! Jackpot hit!!!

Off we go in search. We end up at a huarique “a hiding place”. It is a traditional small family run establishment known for the excellence of their cuisine.  The huarique we stumbled upon was called El Gran Combo.  We had a couple of local beers, a duck and garlic dish and tuna  cerviche and came away with a list of ideas for other food places to explore.  We happily waddled off back to our B&B for an early shut eye.

Tomorrow we visit Mistura, a food festival which sounds amazing. However,   the reputation of its location is said to be one of the most dangerous areas in Peru!!!

Night night

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