Mexico – Campeche and the Mayan Ruins at Edzna

Here we go again! Another City we had never heard of, another cobblestoned colonial Spanish Capital in rural Mexico. Campeche is almost dreamy! Colourful painted houses, immaculate streets and a fabulous walled historic district. Just for giggles it is also only a short trip to the Mayan ruins at Edzná

Compared to Cuba, rural Mexico seems more like Tokyo! Everything works, transport is easy, efficient and cheap. OK, so there is a bit of strife with the Cartels, avoiding the dodgy looking blokes with AK47s is definitely the way forward!

Checking in, we hear the words that are seldom uttered to backpack carrying types… “We have upgraded you!” Turns it’s the Master Suite, the nicest room in the hotel”. Don’t mind if we do…

Own personal courtyard and entry, outdoor jacuzzi. Nearly needed a Segway to make the trek to the bathroom.

Cheap eats in the market. 20 Pesos, (About AU$1.3), buys roast pork in a baguette, yum.

Just a joy wandering around town

Unless of course some bafoon starts hacking open a coconut right next to your head!

Night time in the main square, they put on a Vivid style light show on one of the buildings, maybe they haven’t noticed that it’s the same show every night! Pretty cool

Mexico has this wonderful system of Collectivos, cars, vans or trucks that ferry you from town to town for next to nothing. As soon as it is full, it leaves. Not sure how NSW Highway Patrol would react to 20 unrestrained passengers including a few on stools and the occasional child in lap! We jumped into one of these to get to the ruins at Edzná.

Edzná is a smaller version of Chicken Schnitzel. Just way less people. Even in the middle of the afternoon, we pretty much had the place to ourselves

A privilege!!

Off to Palenque next…

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