Slovenia- Bovec and The Soca Valley.

Its no secret that we absolutely loved Slovenia.



Bovec is a mountainous town found in a valley surrounded by The Julian Alps.  The  Soca river runs through delighting us with its turquoise water, which is so clear you can happily ditch the drinking bottles and drink directly from the river.  In Bovec we found our happy place.  It’s magical for beautiful  hikes,  fresh alpine air, a place to feel vibrant and totally refreshed.

Glamping in Bovec!!

Our home in Bovec. We had the lower part of the house.

This amazing town is known for its many activities like rafting, hydro speed, canyoning, climbing and zip lining.  It even had a lively drop zone, where a boogie was being held whilst we were there. Massive landing area right in the middle of the valley.


Actually quite sad leaving this vibrant place, off to the coastal town of Piran next.

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