Serbia – Novi Sad

Novi Sad is probably best known for the 1999 NATO bombings and the ousting of the fat crook Slobodan Milosevic. Fast forward nearly 20 years, fatso is pushing up daisies, the refinery and bridges have been rebuilt and the annual Exit Festival is bigger and better than ever. Sadly for us, we were a day late to join in the fun and unlikely to have had the stamina/chemicals to reach the 6am finish time!

Small enough to walk around, parts of the City are postcard pretty

Eating fish from a muddy river was never going to be a Michelin star experience. Sure enough, carp tasted just like the water it lives in! Mushy and muddy, not recommended! Jax on the other hand had a fish stew that was awesome, if they left out the mushy, muddy stuff it could be perfect!

Off to Budapest next…

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