Family Holiday #2 – Off to the Canary Islands

Sri Lanka with Sam, Hazza and partners was #1 in this adventure. Liz and Moonie have much to be thanked for the idea of getting our extended family together, the reality is way more scary! Off we go!

Awesome Nic plucked this one out of the quagmire. 4 couples heading to a villa on the basis of a few photos and reviews from people we will never meet!
Our flight lands last and we are gleefully greeted by messages from everybody else enjoying the pool! Fears quashed we hop into our cab and head to the villa…… Had a handy drone for piccies!

Crazy place on a volcano in the middle of nowhere! No water, no life. Just tourists! How good.

Cheap as chips scooters to care for tired feet are handy for trips in and out of town. Cactus plants, cats and pedestrians hinder most of these journeys!

Feeds, Boat hire, karaoke and general misbehaviour ensue. Unbelievably privileged to call these beautiful people our family xxx

Sadly, it is time to say adios….

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