Mossman, Daintree and Cape Tribulation

After the fun and games that was Port Douglas, time to get back on track and head North again. The horse was a touch thirsty and the smelly fluid box was beginning to emit some alarming warnings! Found a dump point in Mossman before heading up the hill to Tablelands campground for a cane toad and active wear free afternoon and a chance to smash out a couple of loads of washing.

Up bright and early, (ish!), in the morning, clean jocks on, and off we go. Followed the sign for the tourist trail to Daintree and ended up in the queue for the ferry! Never mind, when in Rome! Crossing a croc infested river on a little ferry is an unnerving experience. A couple of lads with gondola poles would probably have more horsepower than this thing. Happily and safely we reached the other side and pressed on. Driving through a rainforest is a first for us, utterly awesome as we dragged Fergie’s oversized arse through the narrow roads. Decided not to have a swim in the local waterhole but more than tempted to shove a few noisy children in to test the ‘safe’ to swim notices.
Didn’t fancy risking going much further so parked Fergie in the Cape Trib carpark and headed off on foot. Cape Trib for those who have not been here is a point on the map rather than a small town. Pub, motel and booked out caravan park is the sum of its parts. Except of course for an unreal beach and spectacular views over the Coral Sea. Took a nice long hike up the beach and back and whacked the drone up for a few pictures.

Turns out that booking an overnight berth up here is a bit of a must with pretty much everything booked out for at least a week ahead. Didn’t fancy playing dodgems with the local wildlife as the sun was setting so ended up paying a small fortune to park in a field masquerading as a camp ground.
Found a cheeky free spot the next day so parked Fergie up and went exploring. Needing a piss in croc country is an awkward situation. Getting caught with the Hampton out in public is generally frowned upon. Legging it down the beach with 500 kilos of prehistoric eating machine in hot pursuit is unlikely to make repacking the aforementioned Hampton any easier! Made it safely back to the van, locked the doors and checked underpants for impact. Turns out that camping in the middle of a rainforest is fucking noisy! All manner of nocturnal beasts generally scampering about in their quests for food and fun. Was almost a relief when the sun came up and a gentle trip back to the ferry. The awesomeness and raw beauty of this place cannot be underestimated.

Took a baby detour on the way out for a bit of a mooch around Mossman Gorge. Holy crap again! The magic and beauty of the rainforest is on full display here. Managed an hour or so walk before the rain stopped play.

Took refuge in Daintree Village and parked the horse up opposite the pub!

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