Portsoy, Castles and Cows!

Taking the piss again with free parking! This time right on the shore.

10 minutes walk into town and a quick visit to the local ale establishment. Then got invited in by a couple of locals to assist them with their beer and wine collection. Cheers John and Dee for a wonderful evening and the castle recommendations.

Another castle with a dodgy name. This one, Slain. Apparently some modern bloke’s inspiration for Dracula! In reality, a sad reflection of how the landed gentry can allow the demise of irreplaceable history! No sign of the bloke with oversized teeth whilst we were there, so had a mooch about, whacked the drone up and buggered off.

We were under the impression that Highland Cattle were only wheeled out for tourists or apprentice barbers. Rare sightings of a few wandering around in the mist being pestered by people with clippers! Finally found a few in the middle of nowhere!

Onwards and downwards! Another awesome overnight parking spot. Then off to Dunottar Castle for a pre-crowd peek. Didn’t fancy coughing up 10 quid each to look at a few rocks so whacked the drone up for a couple of pics before moving on.

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  1. Moonbears says:

    Spent a lovely hour strolling through your trip so far. Looking fabulous….. can’t wait to get away, counting down now 😀. Much love guys!

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