Flying in the pointy end!

We needed to be in Rio on 8 February for carnival! Shouldn’t be too hard getting from Quito in Ecuador? Not at all, around six days by bus! We are no strangers to long bus rides but 6 days is pushing the envelope. So, let’s check out flights. Prices for flights were insanely expensive!! Until we clicked the Business Class option. Yup, cheaper than cattle class!! Avianca had a Business Class promo option. All of the bells and whistles at less than the price of Economy, go figure! Turns out we could also trim another big chunk off the fare by flying via Bogota and chilling out in the lounge for 7 hours, don’t mind if we do! Wasn’t a huge fan of being dragged out of the lounge to have my rucksack inspected by the police! Yup, not customs, police! Guess they didn’t like the metal cage thing around my bag, haven’t used it since! Every item unpacked and checked, all shampoo and liquids tested, scary and thorough. Returned to find a somewhat concerned Mrs O waiting to board the plane. Gin and tonic madam, oh ok then. Quito to Bogota not so much to shout about, put us into the lounge around 3pm.

Eating and drinking are always fun. That fun factor multiplies dramatically when it’s free! Vintage Rum, champagne and buffet food on tap. 7 hours went past way too fast

Didn’t expect lie flat beds on the plane! 6 and a half hour flight not nearly long enough!

Cheers Avianca 😀🍷🍸🍻🍴


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