Morris dancing

After a few awesome 35 degree days in Essex and London, we collected our steed for the next couple of weeks. Spatial reasoning takes on new levels of challenge when Jackie’s luggage collection meets Toyota Yaris! Mission accomplished and 4 hours drive to the other side of the island we arrive at Cousin Annabel’s rather posh Air BnB in Bisley. Crikey! Thought that buildings this old and beautiful were exclusive to Big ears Co!

Popped into the village for a pint and a feed. Few things can be more welcoming than a pub named after you 😀 Disturbingly, the Bear Inn was the meeting place of Guy Fawkes and his merry band of gunpowder enthusiasts. No trace of him today although the pub does have its own jail underneath. Happy to avoid any periods of incarceration and enjoyed a firework free lunch knocked up by an Italian chef. Disturbance arrived shortly in the shape of a bunch of blokes sporting bells and wearing hats that looked suspiciously like fruit salad. Morris Dancing is an ancient custom here, however, given the average age of the participants and the crowd of 3 that turned out to watch, it’s future looks bleak. Maybe Morris Dancing amongst the yoga set on Dee Why beach is option for bringing more English heritage back home to Oz? Enthusiastic stick whacking and bell jiggling ensued for a few minutes before obligatory rest and warm ale in pewter pots! Lady T joined in with a spot of summer hanky waving whilst I searched the local ale for bubbles!

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