1500km Rio to Iguacu

Still slightly shocked at our participation throughout the 10 days of Carnival it was finally time to put the mankini away (and burn it!!) and head west towards Iguana Falls.  The distances are huge, we are talking over 1500km by bus, approx 26 hours.  So we decided to make a couple of stop overs on the way.

Paraty was our first stop, the town sits amongst protruding peninsulas and secluded beaches, with a background of the Costa Verde’s mountains and below many palm tree studded bays and heaps of colourfull boats all touting for your attention.  Extreme cobbled streets which made walking an intensely un relaxing experience if you want two ankles to remain intact.  A very beautiful place where we enjoyed a few hours on a boat exploring the many uninhabited tiny islands.

Utterly sensational place, ancient cobbled streets with boulder sized cobbles

A harbour packed with colourful pleasure boats

That looked so inviting, we thought it would be rude not to…

Next stop Sao Paulo

Crazy, sweaty, busy and almost mountainous. We had been warned of the dangerous nature of Sao Paulo so naturally spent a few days plodding around town on the Metro!

Booking airline tickets through cut price, 3rd party resellers is probably not recommended in Australia. So let’s try through a Portuguese website using somebody else’s social security number and ID, $200 for 2 tickets that should be nearer $1000, what could possibly go wrong? 48 hours later credit card shows $$ paid, no email! No problem, let’s pop into the airline office and see if they have us. Pretty sure that the guy on the desk was not supposed to give us a booking reference number but who is complaining when we have boarding passes for seats 1e and 1f 😀 and certainly not for 200 sheets!!!

No shortage of graffiti in this part of the world. Maybe expected in a place called graffiti alley!

Swift sandwich for lunch. Small but tasty mortadella sandwich!

Gotta love Airbnb for cheap accommodation, even in Brazil.

Back on the bus tomorrow…

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