Off Home

3 months sounds like a long time to be away. 3 months is actually about perfect. Time to allow quality time with those we love, plus equally essential P & J time.

3 months of almost perfect weather, including Scotland! 6 weeks of #Vanlife around Scotland and the Spanish Pyrenees Mountains.

Family time in Essex, London, Croydon, The Canary Islands, Kent and Jersey. A waft down to the West-Country to see our old school and an old school friend of ours.

Managed to avoid the train striking tosspots for a couple of nights with Hells Bells.

Ima dropped me off at Jersey airport for my flight outbound to Southampton, to meet up with Hels Bels for the final part of our holidays. Always wonderful to spend time with Helen, although this was the first time we’d been to stay since John passed away! Good to see her new abode and of course Bear joined us from Kent.

Then, Bang! All over! Coach to the airport.

Could be worse!

Found a dunny with a difference in Singapore Airport! Can’t personally see these appearing in Sydney, any time soon. A selection of buttons to soothe and generally pamper the backside whilst you liberate yourself of 12 hours or so of beverages and nibbles! Never seen a warning on a bog seat before! Apparently improper use of this item can result in a low-grade burn! Have personally had many a burn downstairs, almost always a post vindaloo situation.

Regardless, pressing all of the buttons was fun. Hobbled back to the bar with a wet, and slightly burnt tea towel holder! Large Gin and Tonic please!

Sydney arrives almost too soon, looking forward to a few days R&R before getting back to work.

Again, could be worse 😀

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