Paris, City of love, reunions and black eyes!

Ahhh sweet Paris.
Paris is always a delight but made extra special when you arrive on a beautiful Spring day. We stayed in a wonderful Airbnb near the river at Bastille. Unfortunately disaster struck on our first night as I tripped and slammed my forehead onto the stairs!! Two black eyes appeared 48 hours later, not a pretty sight for the following three weeks but hey can’t let vanity spoil a good time.
The absolute highlight of Paris was when my beautiful son, Sam and girlfriend Nicole surprised me. How Bear kept this a secret from me I will never know!! But he did and between the two of them made me the happiest mum in the world. We had a fabulous fun 3 days together, wandering the streets of Paris, stopping for snail snacks and vino, eating and drinking to our hearts content. Thank you.

Good on you Sam and Nic for making the effort and popping over!

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