Bolivia to Mancora

Peru Hopping!!!

Spent about a week traveling by bus from Bolivia to our new home in Mancora near the Ecuador border.  Many hours on buses, some awesome places and people, much fun had.

Bus gets on a raft to cross Lake Titicaca!

Isla del Sol

Unbelievable hostel in Arequipa! “Youth Hostels are for Youths Mum!” Not this one 😀

Started looking like Coco the Clown’s demented dad so time for a trim!!

Dune Buggies around the Oasis in Huacachina. Surfed down the dunes on snowboards, too much fun 😀

Jackie not convinced by the Nazca Lines! Kinda pleased that we didn’t splash out on a flight for a better view! Never forget what the Greenpeace dickheads did here!!

Eating again

Jackie’s mates in Paracas

Crazy, desert meets ocean

If you have to spend 19 hours on a bus, grab a bottle of port and hop on one of these puppies!

In Mancora now, Peru’s answer to Manly! Mad Max meets Sydney.










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