Croatia – Istria – Pula and Rovinj

Many of our destinations have had something outstanding to recommend or remember.

Peru for food and Machu Picchu; Brazil for Carnival and Iguazu; Columbia for Pablo; The Galapagos for being in your own nature documentary; Mainland Ecuador for new friends and the Rainforest; Cuba for fabulous diving and no Americans; Mexico for so much but Copper Canyon tops the bill; Paris for Sam’s surprise; Lyon for Paul and Helena; Florence, Sienna, Pisa for being Italian and perfect; Cinque Terre for painted houses, crap food and tourists; Venice for Alex and gondolas; Slovenia for unparalleled beauty, and wonderful people; Pula, and Istria for …. Wild mushrooms and the football world cup. Too many tourists now flood this once beautiful place. Most areas of beauty like the lakes and falls are ruined forever. Pizza and chips does not get into the books as local food! Clowns dressed as Roman legionnaires don’t help either.

Surprise, surprise though! We had a stack of fun. Found ourselves a beautiful pad in the shadow of the amphitheater and avoided the numptys!

Quiet beverage on the balcony with Roman ancestors frowning in the background!

Markets a pleasure as always, wild mushrooms on toast for brekky!

Quick trip on the bus to Rovinj, (Rovigno!). Cheeky little harbour town with half the German population in town! Real shame seeing them sent packing by Korea in the footy!

Managed to watch a few episodes of Game of Thrones when it came out, so off to Dubrovnik via Zagreb next to see what all the fuss is about! …….

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