For once, worldwide calendars and busy work schedules locked into synch. Hard to believe, but it happened. Jax & I arrived first to a glorious Ima fanfare. Incredible seeing Jackie’s best mate again.

Nic, Sam and Hazza rocked up to complete the ensemble. Mr T assisted with the depopulation of Jersey lobster stocks for dinner. 9 lobsters and a couple of punnets of straight from the sea scallops it was off home. Didn’t take long to work out that the scallops weren’t going to cook themselves. Nor, despite their freshness, the lobsters were not going to present themselves in edible format. A few people copped some lobster juice spray whilst these were dealt with. Plenty of garlic butter later, we were ready for dinner. Yum!

Sloped off to Emma’s the next day for a spot of lunch. Her and Sister, Penny had knocked up the mother of all Paellas. Much fun again!

Sadly, all things come to an end. Took the difficult decision to leave JT in Jersey whilst I popped back to Blighty for a bit more time with Mum.

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