365 days later!

WOW! A year gone but not a moment wasted!! Not only have we survived it, but have learned so much about each other and have had more than just a taste of bucket list items and misbehaviour!

Together, we have travelled the world, jumped out of planes, scuba dived  the Bay of Pigs in Cuba. We have laughed our way down the longest zip-wire in the world, over the Copper Canyon in Mexico,  trekked the 100k Salkantay trek, climbed Machu Picchu, camped in the Amazon Jungle, swam with baby sea lions whilst island hopping round the Galapagos. We have partied our days and nights away at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, golf buggied around not one but two amazing islands off the coast of Mexico, we have eaten in hundreds of different places, sampling local cuisine. We have cooked in hostels, hotels, camps, homes and in Sri Lanka we took over a restaurant for one night and filled it!!. We have segwayed through Budapest where there are no restrictions, hiked our way through Slovenia, took a gondola ride in Venice and even sampled business class flying. Most importantly, we have grown together and all along this wonderful journey we have made sure to meet up with family and friends new and old.

Over 73,000km flown, 25 countries visited. Thousands of laughs and memories. Family get togethers and holiday. New friends, new experiences and some scary moments. Never a day regretted, unbelievable, just perfect. We will continue to live our life to the full with love and passion. Back home in our beautiful Australia now to find new adventures.

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