Sri Lanka – Family time

It was always one of our dreams to get us together somewhere in world. Europe didn’t work out but we all got our heads together to make it happen, and the place of choice being Sri Lanka……….a first for all of us.

Harri and Ben arriving from Sydney, Sam and Nic from London. Ben and Haz got in around midnight so managed a quick sun burn in the pool the next morning

Nic and Sam not so lucky with flight times. Feeling refreshed and sprightly after a 14 hour flight an hour or two in the pool must have looked like heaven! Sadly just a mirage as our transport to Arugam Bay awaited. Just another cheeky 10 hours in a minibus to go. Could have been worse! No spare seats so the reserve driver got to spend his rest periods amongst our bags in the back!!

A few near misses with lorries are all part of the fun on the way. Scooters and stray dogs seem fair game. The somewhat pissed off elephant in the National Park wasn’t so friendly and let us know in no uncertain terms on the way past.

2am is always a fun time to arrive at a hotel! Never mind, woke up the manager and shuffled off to bed excited for the coming morning.

Crystal clear skies greeted us for pretty much the whole of the next week. Off to the beach!

Peak season in Arugam Bay just finishing. No crowds of tourists to compete with and only a few Germans claiming deck chairs in the morning, it was important to keep fluid levels up and not do anything too strenuous!

‘A’ Bay has a stack of eateries and watering holes to relax in after a tough day on the beach

Friendly locals and fun times

Sam also managed to arrange the trip around his birthday. Hats off to Mrs B and the restaurant for looking after us and helping us celebrate Sam’s 22nd Sri Lankan style.

Never long enough but Nic and Sam took off for Kandy in a posh looking car, whilst the 4 of us suffered in a sweaty sh!tbox to Ella in the hills

Then, the awesome train ride to Kandy

From Kandy it was a tale of two beaches! Ben and Harri back to Sydney, B & J off to Trincomalee in the North East….

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