Ecuador Amazon

Seven hours on a bus from Quito, two more in a minibus, then two hours in a motorised canoe to reach Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Pure jungle, no Wifi, no phones. Heaven!

Off to a local village one day to see a spot of local life and cook some Yuka bread. Didn’t realise that we would be doing most of the work. Unreal though, plant out of the ground, peeled, grated, wrung dry and made into awesome bread in about an hour.

Then off to see the local Shaman for a dose of healing and blowpipe practice

No idea how long this fabulous Paradise will survive before the Government sell it to China. Impossible to believe that the short term profit from a few barrels of oil could destroy this…

Swimming at sunset and a few crappy photos!…

Met a couple of awesome Canadians here who talked us into our next stop…

Farewell and good luck Amazon..



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