Serbia – Belgrade

So! After the nightmare of the Namaste Nature/Mosquito/Soap dodger village, we head to Belgrade. Holy crap we could have walked faster! Heading to a town called Topcider was always going to be exciting for fans of the apple beverage, the slurp monster wakes up further as we pass orchards of apples on the way. Sadly, some dickhead has decided that the train from Montenegro should not make it to Belgrade! Topcider is shit! Nothing top! No bar, no cider, not even an ATM. Just a crappy corner store and a tram stop, not much use with only a few Euros lining the pockets! Cab it is then as we palmed him off with our remaining Euros and were dropped off at our address.

Belgrade seems to have recovered from the grubbiness of the 90’s and is now peaceful with a pleasant lack of tourists.

Lovely intimate dinner with our new best friends! Pork stuffed with cheese, breadcrumbed and deep fried is a speciality here, won’t be sampling it again!

Throughout the Balkans rakia fruit brandy is ever popular. Our walking tour guide in the morning fished out a delicious honey number so we decided to sample a few more on the way home! Raspberry, Hazelnut, Quince, Plum and a couple of others. Raspberry was almost drinkable with the sugar hiding the worst of it, the rest just got worse as we shuffled down the line to the next throat burn experience! Finished with a few more raspberry numbers and staggered home!

Off to Novi Sad next

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