Galapagos Islands


David Attenborough, eat your heart out. Spent an unbelievable 3 weeks on these beautiful Islands, enjoying our own personal wildlife documentary! Didn’t do the somewhat pricey cruise option and went DIY instead.

We quashed the myth that the Galapagos is only for the wealthy, or indeed the only way to see it is by cruise.  We are living proof that the Galapagos can be done cheaply, freely and by land.  We bought a one way ticket, which gave us the flexibility to Island hop and leave when we were ready.  We spent the same amount of money as everywhere else in South America.  Don’t miss out on visiting this magical, incredible place.

Santa Cruz

We flew into Baltra/Santa Cruz.  This island is a wonderful introduction to the Galapagos.  The island itself is beautiful, surrounded by clear blue water ,white sand and animal surprises  around every corner.  Massive choice of affordable accommodation and food options. Taxis cheap and easily available.  Stay in the main town and most things are in walking distance, including the Charles Darwin center and fish market, both free to visit.  We particularly enjoyed spending time animal watching at the local fish market, where the pelicans, sea lions, iguanas and frigate birds would come to try their luck at some discarded fish remains. It really was very entertaining!!!!

Highlights: Charles Binford Road for cheap eats and the freshest sea food!!  Giant Tortoise Reserve and tunnels. Fish Market.  General ambience  of the island.


For $30 we jumped onto a speed boat and visited our second island.  Isabella is far less commercialized then Santa Cruz with its own laid back vibe and natural, rustic beauty.  Here we took a boat/snorkeling tour to Los Tunnels.  A fabulous day walking over and swimming amongst lava rock formations.  Snorkeling with sharks, penguins, sea horses, turtles amongst just a few sea animals to name.  Also saw our first blue footed boobie.

Highlights: Visiting Los Tunnels

Santa Christobel

Finally our last but certainly not least island.  As you arrive on the island via boat you are greeted with a massive colony of sea lions.  We absolutely loved this island again not only its beauty but there were sea lions everywhere.  To make our time ever more magical was that it was sea puppy season, so we spent our hours playing and swimming with these amazing, agile creatures.  Three totally glorious, magical weeks in animal paradise.

Highlights: Swiming with baby sea lions in there natural environment, without a doubt an experience of a lifetime, unforgettable!!!

Tuna for Dinner? Watch it coming in on the boat, grab a chunk for $6 a kilo and clear a path to the frying pan

Nothing can prepare you for the proximity and abundance of wildlife

This guy spent hours stomping around the pool, even jumping in to get rid of other iguanas or people!

General Galapagos behaviour!

Fish market with resident Sealion and assorted critters!


Unforgettable experiences.



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