Portugal – Fundao

After a quick overnight in Porto we jumped back onto the bus for a trip inland to FundAo, home to an old mate of mine and his Mrs. After our experience at the Namaste testicle molester village, the words ‘off grid’ held a certain amount of fear and trepidation for us! An incoming heatwave didn’t look much fun either! We needn’t have worried, River Farm is awesome. A work in progress, but already awesome. Solar panels and batteries provide ample power and a handy river complete with Roman wier for cooling the wedding tackle, washing etc. Veggies and salad from the garden whilst quails provide a steady flow of eggs and entertainment.

Doing our best to avoid the 30,000 soap dodgers attending Boom festival was easier said than done but a couple of trips to see some highlights was on the cards.

Monsanto is dubbed the most Portuguese town in Portugal. Not sure how that happened but houses with entire boulders as a roof and a fortress from the Knights Templar era tick a few boxes.

And a trip to Portugal’s only ski resort at Serra da Estrela. No sign of the chilly white stuff when we were there, just awesome views

And a rock called bear rock!

Oh, and a handy selection of shops selling cheeses and cured meats. Don’t mind if we do

Many thanks for the hangover and showing us your part of the world. See you again soon.

Amarante next….

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