Croatia – Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik

Having never been to this part of the world, there were a few places that had to be checked out! Turns out however, that a few thousand other people had the same idea! Prices are off the scale for everything and crowds that would not disgrace a Royal Wedding! Zagreb not horrendously busy unless you approach anywhere with history or a view! The mere sight of a crumbling brick attracts armies of Asians wielding selfie-sticks like Samurai swords! Bad weather helps as standard poncho length restricts their mobility!

Found some bears along the way including one in an iron maiden in the torture museum!

The port towns of Split and Dubrovnik were next on the agenda. Perfect timing to join a few thousand people piling off cruise ships and half of Europe’s tour bus fleet! The Terracotta Army would be utterly swamped by the daily tsunami of bodies that flood into these ancient Cities. Fortunately the tide turns every afternoon and the floods subside!

There is never a bad time for G & T’s when they are this good

Fortunately, our apartment was well enough away from from the selfie stick set. Even with its tiny bath!


Dubrovnik old town is stunning. We happened to coincide our arrival with Nicole’s parents. Beers and noise ensued

Once the cruise boats leave in the afternoon and the daily, dickhead express departs, walking the city walls and climbing the ancient fort are a must for views and sheer pleasure.

A night or two here is probably plenty for most, although pointing out where Jon Snow took a dump to the endless groups of nerds on Game of Thrones Tours did have its moments! We took a day trip OUT of Dubrovnik on our last day. Cavtat is a small harbour town about an hour away by bus. Better still, take a boat

We decided to chuck the Croatian towel into the ring at this stage and jumped on a bus to Montenegro…



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