Portugal – Amarante

We discussed meeting up with the MoonBears way before leaving Oz. 9 months later They are in Portugal and we are back on the bus to make it happen. 1st stop Mateus House, home to funny looking wine bottles and flavorless contents! €15 each entry, I don’t think so! The bottle label was as close as we got to the House or its watery excuse for wine.

Off to Amarante then to indulge in mountain cheese, cured meats, quail eggs and a refreshing beverage or two

Things now starting to get a bit fiesty on the weather front, maybe time for port tasting!


Had to try the house speciality of salted cod or bacalhau, won’t be bothering with that again either! Have heard this described as prosciutto of the sea, no it isn’t! Prosciutto is delicious, this is not! It may be traditional but we have fridges and freezers these days that do a better job, cheaper and without threatening an imminent heart attack. Stacking a pile of chopped capsicums and onions on top doesn’t help either, why not whack on a handful of salted capers and anchovies to really upset your GP! When the menu said chips, I also wasn’t expecting a couple of handfuls of Walker’s finest, salted obviously. Great excuse to drink more beer and not much else. They also have a mushy paste version with potato, salted and deep fried. I can hear the ambulance approaching, steak please!

Getting hotter now so we made a few impromptu changes to the end of a hose pipe and rigged up our own sprinkler system!

Quick stomp around Porto before heading to the airport

Too much fun, too little time. Off to Jersey…

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