Lunacy in Lyon!

Foodie paradise and a perfect excuse to meet up with two of my dearest friends. The French whingers were on strike for a change so no option other than the 7 hour bus from Paris. Always unassuming and quiet, Helena has rented accommodation for 10 people that would not disgrace the Royal Family! Rapid fire wine and raucous behaviour ensues!

Day 2 found us threatened with expulsion from a river cruise and countless discussions with restaurant staff over the availability of vegetarian dishes. Clearly an alien concept to the French! Dinner at home for night 3 until someone decided to fire up one of the fire extinguishers. Small kitchens and powder fire extinguishers are not a good mix! Pablo Escobar at his best could not have given the place a better coating! See you in Thailand next year. Florence next …..

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