Slovenia – Bled and Bohinj

Back on the bus again. Didn’t fancy the prospect of another FlixBus disaster so gave them the flick and headed North on the local bus. Predictably, the local bus stops at every chicken coop along the way! Eventually, having exhausted most of the one liners regarding bled time, single or double bled etc, we arrive…

No way! Places like this still exist? Picture perfect Lake Bled and Castle are merely the entree


Took a gentle stroll around the lake before a couple of cheeky blasts down the summer toboggan course..


Bohinj is even more remote than Bled so we trotted off for the day to do a lap of that lake too. We were impressed with Bled but nothing had prepared us for the perfection and sheer colours on display..


Off further North up into the mountains next, to Bovec and The Soca River.

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