Lame Horse!

Lovely Nicky dropped us off at Bribie Island to collect our new horse. Popped into a local watering hole to kill some time and grab a feed whilst waiting for the sound of hooves.

We had been warned that the suspension had a slight squeak but still excited to get going. The horse duly arrives and its owner asks if we still want to take it with the squeak. Maybe we have a little drive around the block first?
Little squeak? Mice have a little squeak. Kindergartens emit a somewhat more annoying version, but this thing comfortably wins 1st prize! Navigating a roundabout seems to awaken the herd of cats in the back somewhere by spraying them with icy water! Lobbing a speed bump into the equation was equivalent to taking the cat/icy water combo to the afore mentioned kindergarten and stirring until well mixed. Holy shit! The horse owner who was clearly focussed on 6 weeks of rental $$ suggested we could wear earplugs whilst driving. We suggested he could fuck off!
Sadly, that left us back in the watering hole with our suitcases and no horse! Back on the blower to Nicky who took us back to her awesome gaff West of Brisvegas for a debrief and regroup. Fingers crossed we have found a horse with all 4 shoes intact. Heading off to the Sunny Coast for pickup tomorrow!

Giddy up!!!

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