Mexico – Palenque

Back on the bus for the trip into the jungle and the ruins at Palenque. Should be just over 4 hours? Unless of course some of the friendly locals put up road blocks with armed men. 2 choices then! Short route… run the risk of a hefty delay and negotiating the cost of passage with Pablo & Co. There is also the very real possibility on this route of further blockades as you go. Once you pass through one blockade, you pay again if you want to turn back!! Long route 11 hours plus, but a more guaranteed arrival without the haircuts and taco/tequila tasting tours!

12 hours later we get to the town of Palenque! Not a lot going for this town unless you are heading to the ruins. So, early to bed and alarms set to beat the ‘selfie stick set’ in the morning.

Ruins open at 8, so we loiter around the bus station at 7ish hoping to grab a ride in a Collectivo taking the staff to work. Before you could say quesadilla, a packed minibus pulls over and we are on our way.

The early arrival did the trick and we had a good hour or so before the tour busses deposited the hordes. Oh wow..

Awesome stuff! Tour busses arrive, Bear and Jackie grab a local bus back to town to enjoy the heat of the day in the company of a cold cerveza or two. A perfect day out! Early start again in the morning for the bus to San Cristobal….

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