Verona- Romeo, Romeo

Famous for being the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Juliet’s balcony (below)

A beautiful city, well worth visiting if you are on your way to Venice from La Spezia.  We actually missed our train due to some confusion regarding platforms.  Just as we realized our mistake and grabbed our ruscksacks, we saw our train gently cruise off without us!!!  Feeling slightly  stupid and annoyed at ourselves we found ourselves a cafe and waited another few hours till our next train!!!

Verona is a beautiful city where we relaxed away from the tourist madness of Cinque Terre.  We booked into a stunning Airbnb, walking distance to everything.   We used this time to chill out, catch up with emails, FB and our blog. The first picture below was our front door!!

Next stop Venice, very excited to meet up with Alex for a fun filled 3 days.

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