After the last ear shattering experience, we found a couple of alternative horses and decided on Fergie in Coolum Beach. Not far from where the MoonBears live. Hopped onto the train from Brisvegas and headed North for a night with them.

Arrived early the morning to meet Fergie.

Fergie is a 25 foot, 2 year old. Who, according to owners David and Kellie, identifies as they/them! Not too fussed about the whole they/them thing, but genuinely happy with Fergie’s sleek, shiny lines and slide out queen sized bed. All the bells and whistles on board. Solar panels on the roof. Big fridge/freezer, oven, grill, cooktop, microwave. Heaps of storage. Porcelain dunny and sink, lovely gas powered shower, even a washing machine and a barbie that plugs into the Fergie’s gas system! Don’t mind if we do.

Obligatory checks complete, time to hit the road.

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