Playa Giron – Bay of Pigs

Bahia de Cochinos, Playa Giron. Probably looks the same today as it did in April 1961. Just one less CIA stuff up! Compared to the structural disaster of Havana, this is tropical paradise and home to seriously good beach dives. Yes, scuba diving where you leave thongs on the beach, head into the water and don fins! Wrecks, walls, coral, lobsters and countless fish just a few steps away from the shore. Visibility still crystal clear at 30m and not a bleached coral in sight!

Airbnb teamed us up with a local family and we stayed in a room in their house for a few days. There is no way to escape the failed economics of Cuba, but wonderful seeing people finding ways to make it work. Casa Particulars are taxed at around 50%. A few mojitos, breakfasts or dinners, not so much!

Communication down here not a strong point. Official bus receipt looked awesome for our return to Havana!

Awesome people, awesome diving, too many mojitos!

Back to Havana where our last host had evicted his parents from their room to fit us in. Slightly wierd, much more than slightly uncomfortable but a very real insight in to life here. Eye-opening does not do this justice!!

Thankyou xxx

Back to Mexico…


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