Croydon and Bromley

1000km cross country treks in Oz are perfectly normal. A gentle hike from one side of this island to the other has sightseeing opportunities, that only the POMs could create. Navigating access routes unchanged from the dark ages whilst avoiding Farmer Giles in his house sized tractor. Truck drivers blocking the motorways because of fuel prices, (Seriously! How the fuck will that help!). Honest citizens trying to get from A to B in cars because the train Unions want more cash for their members, I thought Maggie sent these tone deaf imbeciles packing in the ‘80s. All at a time when every caravan in the UK is pottering off to its summer residence. Sir Ranulph Fiennes would be appalled!!

Regardless, our trusty hybrid steed purred through these obstacles to arrive at Alex’s new pad in Croydon. Crikey! Talk about towers in the sky, Croydon has properly grown up! Luxury residence with private dining suite and games room up top!

Speedy stop at the Benjo’s for the night. Always a pleasure to see these guys. Added bonus with Kirsty being there after a minor flight hiccup.

We both have childhood memories of lavender bags living in the sock or undies drawer. Probably more sensible at the other end of the laundry cycle but that is another matter. Never been to a lavender farm, or paid 4 quid for the privilege of doing so…

Off to Mum and Roy’s in Charing…

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2 Responses to Croydon and Bromley

  1. Jase n Gaile says:

    Stop loafing Jackie…there’s a crop to harvest!

  2. Bear and Jackie says:

    Never xxx

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