Mancora Madness!!

Our 5 week stay in this crazy place is coming to an end. It more than served its purpose of providing us a cheap, relaxing place to stay over Xmas and New Year. New friends made, colossal amounts of fun had!!

Xmas dinner was a predictably raucous affair. Roast chicken replaced traditional turkey, Pisco replaced mulled wine and the veggos provided Polish mushroom dumplings. Yummy

We saw in the New Year from Aqua, one of our favourite bars. Michelada Inferno is beer, mixed with lime juice, salt, Worcester Sauce and chilli! What could possibly go wrong? 😈😀

A lighthouse overlooks Mancora’s crazy, surreal environment. Where better to enjoy sunset and a sandstorm? The 3 story white building is our Airbnb.

Mrs O taking some time out to knock up a few bracelets. No idea when we will get these in the post, nearest post office is hours away!

When you are blessed with miles of virtually deserted beaches, we decided to go for a long wander and take in some of the swanky end of town. Rude not to blow the froth off a couple whilst we were there 😀

This one has a thong Xmas tree!!

Sunsets here have been consistently awe inspiring to enjoy as the heat of the day subsides.

Back on the bus next for the long run to Guayaquil in Ecuador. This will be our launch point to the Galapagos Islands, a massive, dream bucket list must for us both. Can’t wait


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