Copper Canyon. An absolute highlight!!

This was a place I was intrigued about and although we knew it was hard to get too and in a “no go area” my curiosity only grew.  El Chepe is the last passenger train in Mexico, it runs through the Copper Canyon from Chihuahua to Las Mochis, stopping at various stops along the way.  The total distance is 675km, we chose to do two stops, one in Creel for one night and two in Barancas.  Our decision was based on what there was to do and see at each place.  Creel is just a really nice little mountain village, with chalet type accommodation and a few nice bars.  There are tours to do but nothing that interested us.

Divisadero is a stop before our next stay over.  The train stops for 20 mins here and people get off to see the amazing views of the Copper Canyon.  But there is no where to stay here, so our advice is get off look at the views and jump straight back on to the at the next station and book into the hotel Posada Mirador Biranca.

This place although outside our normal daily budget was worth every single cent.  Our room overlooked the Canyon and was spacious and tasteful.

The reason we chose to stay two nights here was simply, best views ever AND the Adventure Park, hosting 8 zip lines including the longest in the world measuring a distance of 2.5km.  The views and adrenaline match a tandem skydive!! Obviously for Bear and me, we just loved it!!!

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