A trip to the U.K. wouldn’t be the same without visiting Jersey, my childhood island. Where my bestie Imogen and wonderful sister Emma live. Oh and my Father! But alas he chose to be in Sydney instead!!

This time was made even more special as my beautiful cousin and her son Tom flew over to spend precious time with us all.



Ima had arranged for some old primary school friends to meet up the “WaterSplash” another old haunt.


Fun at the Zoo!! Gerald Durrell Zoo!


Not without drama however as Dad’s/Gerald’s car decided enough was enough and refused to move from St Ones Beach. Fortunately a few friendly locals with jump leads and a trip to the local automart saved the day!

Bear and I enjoying fish and chips down at Gorey Beach.

Lunching with kind Uncle Edward and the lovely Pam.

Enjoying family time at Emma and Chris’s, they always make us feel so at home and welcome. Love you xxx


Fun and limon cello with Elsa and Mike!


A visit is never complete without visiting my mum and smartening up her grave site with some love, and plants.

Bye till next time xxxx

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