Venezia ☺

Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Verona.. Where next? Venice is less than an hour away. Off we go….

Neither of us have been to Venice by train! Not exactly strangers to this stuff by now, but exiting the station to an open Corso and a bunch of ferries is like Circular Quay on steroids! Just like Sydney Ferries however, these guys absolutely love the rucksack set! Few things light up their lives beyond the barge of an oversized backpack full of a few month’s mémoires! Knock in a few comments about the accuracy of certain climate change predictions, lucky we weren’t told to swim!

We checked into an amazing apartment in Cannaregio. In the Northern District of Venice, away from the selfie stick set but close enough to have gondolas passing by our windows.

Alexandra joined us for three days of fun. Murano and Burano got a visit each, as did the occasional eatery. Oh! Did a Gondola ride too. €80 for 35 minutes and our bloke not only failed to sing or eat a single Cornetto ice cream! Still managed however to deliver us back to our point of departure bang on time!!

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